South Dakota Notary Bond

What is a notary bond?

A notary bond is a three-party obligation. The bonding company guarantees to the South Dakota Secretary of State's office that it will pay, on behalf of a commissioned South Dakota notary, any losses incurred by the public up to $5,000 during the notary’s commission term. The surety company will then demand reimbursement from the notary in the event of such paid losses. 

Who needs a South Dakota notary bond?

South Dakota law requires individuals applying for or renewing a notary commission to maintain a six-year, $5,000 notary bond during their notary commission term as a guaranty that the notary will perform his or her notary duties faithfully.

Where can I purchase a bond?

South Dakota law requires notaries to purchase a South Dakota notary bond in the amount of $5,000 from a licensed surety company authorized to do business in South Dakota. For your protection, all of our bonds are written by CNA Surety, one of the nation's largest surety companies, which maintains the highest reputation in customer satisfaction and claim-handling service. You can purchase a notary bond from AAN by clicking on the button below.

How do I file my notary bond with the South Dakota Secretary of State?

The notary bond is part of the notary application. When you complete the notary application on our website, you can download the completed application and the  executed notary bond instantly upon checkout so you can mail them to the South Dakota Secretary of State.

Notary Bond Includes a 6-year, $5,000 South Dakota errors and omissions insurance policy at no additional cost to you!

South Dakota notary bonds and errors and omissions insurance policies provided by this insurance agency, the American Association of Notaries, Inc., are underwritten by Western Surety Company (established 1900). Kal Tabbara is a licensed insurance agent in South Dakota.